My role: Character animation for various characters. Animated in Flash/Animate.
Executive Creative Director: Chris Lenox Smith 
Executive Producer: Jesse Casey 
Producer: Eddy Vallante 
Head of Production: John Holt 
Animation Director + Designer: Frank Suarez 
Editor + Technical Director: Luciano Tapia 
Storyboard Artist: Mary Varn 
Designer: Barry Bruner 
2D Animation: Frank Suarez, Efrain Cintron, Mary Varn, Dana Wulfkotte, Casey Drogin, Mark Pecoraro, Steve Moverley, Max Millermaier 
3D Animation: Luciano Tapia, Preston Brown, Matt Hanson, Andrew Chung, David Jouppi 
Sound Design: John Parthum 
Sound Mix Parker Silzer 
Music Mixtape Club
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