My role: cel animation of various shots. Animated in Flash/Animate.
Directed by Mixtape Club
Screenplay by Adam Gidwitz
Story by Adam Gidwitz, Chris Lenox Smith and Jesse Casey
Original Illustrations by R Kikuo Johnson
Lead Designer Keith Vincent
Designers: Erin Kilkenny, Max Millermaier
Producer: John Holt
Executive Producers: Chris Lenox Smith and Jesse Casey
Assistant Producer Eddy Vallante
Lead Storyboard Artist Mary Varn
Storyboard Artists: Blake Patrick, Keith Vincent, Dana Wulfekotte
Editor: Sean Moller
Lead Animators: Keith Vincent, Arthur Hur
Animators: Efrain Cintron, Casey Drogin, Andy Kennedy, Julien Koetsch, Sean McBride, Max Millermaier, Sean Moller, Stephen Moverley, Keith Vincent, Blake Patrick, Adam Sacks, Whitney Theis, Mary Varn, Dana Wulfekotte
Original Music and Sound by Mixtape Club
Composers: Matt Lewkowicz, Parker Silzer IV, Chris Lenox Smith
Sound Design & Mix: Parker Silzer IV
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