"Presented from a child’s point of view, Singer’s short, evocative poems smoothly convey details of each holiday’s activities and significance, along with personal reflections . . . A poetic invitation for all to learn more about Jewish holidays and observations." —Booklist

"Following the Jewish calendar, the holidays begin in September with Rosh Hashanah and end with Tu B’Av in August. Shabbat is included near the end of the book . . .  Each celebration has its own spread, with soft pencil drawings. The art, while following one family as they celebrate throughout the year, depicts characters of many races and skin tones. Another strength of this poetry collection is that it includes holidays not widely known or observed. These days get just as much space as the holidays that are more prevalent." —School Library Journal

"As Wulfekotte’s digitally colored pencil illustrations portray celebrations, starting with Rosh Hashanah and proceeding with well-known and less familiar holidays, the narrator reflects on the meaning of each occasion in a first-person poem, and accompanying commentary fills in details and context." —Publishers Weekly
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